. Mardi Robyn: Throwback Posts: Feeling Invisible? Take Off the Camouflage Mardi Robyn: Throwback Posts: Feeling Invisible? Take Off the Camouflage

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Throwback Posts: Feeling Invisible? Take Off the Camouflage

Some days I feel invisible. Then I remember, take the camouflage off.

Do you ever have days when you feel like you are invisible to the world? I do! Today I was feeling invisible, I was believing a lie the devil was trying to tell me. Then it dawned on me, take off the camouflage!

In case you are wondering, I am not talking about clothing either! I am talking about the attitudes we have.     It is easy to camouflage who we are for fear no one will like the real us, but that’s not being fair to ourselves.   Wearing a mask, camouflaging our true self makes us feel invisible to those around us.

So let go, have fun, and in the words of the comedian Ken Davis “Lighten up and live a little!” Don’t take things so seriously. If you start to feel you are invisible to the world check and see if you’ve got your mask on, if so, take it off! 

Camouflage is cool for hunting season, it’s great to wear in clothing. I don’t like hunting, but I love wearing camouflage clothing, camouflage is a fun mixture of colors, but it’s never good to camouflage who we are to blend into the surroundings. Don’t blend in. Be yourself! Be unique! Be original! Be the person God designed, and created you to be!

So what if some people don’t seem to be paying attention, its nothing you’ve done! God is paying attention to you!! He loves you!! Keep your eyes, your heart, your soul and mind focused on Him because He is always watching you and sees right through our camouflage. So be real, be true, be the original YOU!! God loves You! God loves me! So who cares if other’s seem to have forgotten You, God never forgets. He sticks closer than a brother.

Add some camouflage to your wardrobe, wear it on your shoes, but never let your attitude reflect the camo mood!  I leave you with this, feeling invisible? Take the camouflage off!

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