. Mardi Robyn: Time to Get Serious Mardi Robyn: Time to Get Serious

Monday, April 22, 2013

Time to Get Serious

Do you ever have those moments where God uses something unexpected that grabs your attention, convicts your spirit and it's as if you hear His voice say, "Now do I have your attention?"  I had one of those moments earlier.   I was conversing with a friend through text messaging and what was said not only surprised me but it stepped on my toes. It tugged on my heart strings and made me face what I have been neglecting to face.    It has been on the surface. It stands in front of me everyday, yet I chose to ignore it, thinking yeah I have time. I'll get serious about it later.  It's my calling... I have neglected it.  I have straddled the fence and played games for far to long.

When I wrecked the dirt bike last Memorial Day I laid on the ground grasping for breath.  I could not speak but my hearts cry was Jesus right before I stopped breathing. It was the Holy Ghost living in me that brought my spirit back to my body and breathed air into my lungs. It was not my flesh that helped me, It was the power of Jesus Christ.  Now almost a year later, why do I let my flesh, that carnal being in me have control?  I should relinquish all control to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My first priority in life should be Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus...there really is something precious about His name.

God did not bring me back and save me from what could have been a horrible injury for me to play games and live my life my way. No He saved me so that I could live for Him. His calling and His purpose for my life still remains.

Tonight while talking to my friend it was as if I was snapped back to reality. Time to stop playing games and get serious about Jesus and His plan for my life.

Take the time to listen to Jesus.  He really does talk to His children.

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