. Mardi Robyn: What Happened to Respect Mardi Robyn: What Happened to Respect

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What Happened to Respect

        When did men stop being gentlemen and women stop being ladies become acceptable? To much of that going around these days like an epidemic. It is as if manners and respect are thrown out the window and we settle for less than higher expectations. We lower our standards instead of raising the bar.
What happened to politeness, honesty and trust?   Now days the norm seems to be to many guys being players and girls being sluts. The motto, if it feels good do it. What happened to decency and loyalty?
Why do so many of us choose vulgarity over an extended vocabulary? Maybe I have been reading to many books by Jane Austen lately, or maybe I think more men should be gentlemen and more women, myself included should act like ladies. Just an early morning thought.

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