. Mardi Robyn: What Are You Feeding Yourself? Mardi Robyn: What Are You Feeding Yourself?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

What Are You Feeding Yourself?

It is hard to be a Christian and serve God with so much garbage in the world. It is even harder when I pump
the garbage into my mind.

Think about it, if you put garbage in the tank of your vehicle, what happens? It messes up. It won't run properly.

Why are we as humans any different?

We aren't.

If we eat foods that are bad for us, and drink beverages that are not healthy we reap the results in our body by having health problems.

It is the same in our spiritual life.

Look at the songs on the playlist of your music device, the CDs, or old school cassette tapes. Are all of the songs that you listen to good?

What about movies, television shows, radio and podcast broadcasts, magazine and books you read?

Think about it...

This topic has been discussed and dissected so much you may be thinking great, another goodie-two-shoes Christian judging what I do.


I am a Christian, but I am not perfect. I am a saved by the grace of God and the blood Jesus shed for me. I make my walk with God harder than it should be. I make mistakes. I am not judging. I have the experience to back up what I am blogging.

Look at my playlists right now and you will find songs that do not glorify God. I have watched movies, television shows this week that I would not allow my seven year old nephew to watch and truth is I should not have watched it either.

I have experienced the difference between uplifting, encouraging, clean music and music that would make an old fashioned Granny blush. For that I am ashamed.

I know how the influence of what you feed your mind can affect your life.

It can lift you up or bring you down. Help you make good decisions or bad.

Listen and watch what is wrong long enough and you will begin making excuses to your conscience trying to justify listening to or watching whatever isn't good until eventually you become desensitized to the filth that is eating at your spiritual health like a disease that takes over.

Take a look at what you listen to and what you watch. Is it pleasing to God? Does it help you grow in your walk with God or stunt that growth?

I'm not judging. I'm not perfect. I myself am taking a long hard look.

I need to clean out my playlists and
clean up what I watch. Do you?

God gave us a health guide for what we should feed our mind. These guidelines can be found in Philippians 4:8

When it comes down to it, if Jesus were sitting right by you in physical appearance would you listen to that song, or watch that show?

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