. Mardi Robyn: Hip Hop Cross Necklace Mardi Robyn: Hip Hop Cross Necklace

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hip Hop Cross Necklace

I decided to break up the Valentines Jewelry Post with a "Online Shopping" post! 
Hip Hop Iced Cross
I love this Hip Hop Cross Iced Necklace!
I purchased it from a seller on Ebay this past summer.  It is one of my favorite necklaces to wear.  My oldest nephew liked mine so much that I bought Him one for Christmas. His is more of a white iced silver, whereas mine is hematite.  Both are beautiful!
It looks expensive right?  It wasn't! I paid less than $15.00 including shipping and the necklaces were brand new!  If you would like to purchase one like it or another style here is the link (Jewelala)

Do any of you shop on Ebay? I began shopping on there last year and it is now one of my favorite online places to shop!

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