. Mardi Robyn: Some Home Remedies for a Fall Cold Mardi Robyn: Some Home Remedies for a Fall Cold

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some Home Remedies for a Fall Cold

This week has been M.I.S.E.R.A.B.L.E. and I'm not talking about because I'm recovering from a wreck either, I caught an early fall cold. My allergies act up everytime the weather changes but this has to be the worst I have experienced a cold in years.
Sunday and again early Tuesday morning I was so congested both in my chest and nasal passages that I had trouble breathing. It wasn't fun to say the least. It probably wouldn't have been quite as bad if having trouble breathing didn't remind me so much of when I stopped breathing when I wrecked in May.

Three things we tried and it has helped tremendously so I wanted to share! A while back I read on pinterest that eating marshmallows will help soothe a sore, scratchy, irritated throat. Guess what..it works!!

Another remedy I read was that putting a clove in your mouth with ease coughing. I do not know what causes it to help the coughing, but it works! I tried it. You don't bite it or swallow it, just keep it on either side of your mouth for however long it takes to start working and it works to supress the coughing. Another fun fact I read about cloves, they help a toothache, and clear ulcers in your mouth. How cool is that!

My Daddy bought a vaporizer to see if that would help, it did for like the first few hours but then stopped, so He and my Mama had the brilliant idea (seriously brilliant idea!) of putting vix vapor rub into a potpourri pot and adding water, plug it in and it helps open up my sinuses. It works better than the vaporizer.

Anyway I just thought those three remedies were really cool. I wouldn't have thought of the marshmallows or the clove if it hadn't been for browsing pinterest! Guess all that time spent browsing the site pays off after all... that's my excuse anyway!

Aside from that it's cough medicine every four hours, loads of kleenex, and cough drops. It would have to occur on the last week I will be 25 too..bummer!

Hope y'all have a great day!

Any remedies you would like to share feel free to post them below!

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