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Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Top 10 List of Resources

It is common in the blogosphere world for bloggers to post atleast one post of "Top 10 Resources" rather those resources are cooking, make-up, webdesign or anything else that has it's on category.  I decided to do my own top 10 list of resources.  Resouces that I use and deem necessary and or helpful when running an online business and blog sooo in no particular order, here is my top 10 list of helpful resources I use from time to time!  Enjoy!

1. Pinterest :   I love pinterest!  It has quickly taken the world wide web by storm! I love it so much I have the app downloaded onto my iphone so I can browse the site and repin pins when I am not on my computer!   Pinterest is very helpful for finding ideas and inspiration, as well as promoting my own jewelry.  A feature on Etsy lets you pin your jewelry items, (or anyone elses if you are just browing shops) I like to pin my jewelry to my board "Mardi Robyn" on pinterest. I always love it when someone "repins" one of my jewelry creations!

2. Everything Etsy : I came across this website not to long ago and I like it a lot!  The author is a home-school Mom which I think is awesome, especially considering I am a homeschool graduate!  This website has a lot of helpful resources and information for running your online business on Etsy. I recommend everyone who is interested in selling their handmade creations check out this website!

3. Modish Biz: I came across this website a few years ago, around the same time I opened up my first Etsy Shop. It has a wealth of information on how to run an online business. I recommend this website as well!

4. Ehow: I love ehow. I don't visit it nearly often enough, however I recently downloaded the ehow app to my iphone and plan on browsing it often.  I like ehow because you can find a variety of helpful information from running a business, jewelry making ideas, tutorials, fashion and style, health and gardening, you name it you can probably find just about anything. 

5. Wikipedia: I have found Wikipedia to be very helpful. And yes I have the app on my iphone! If I want to learn about a fashion trend, style or anything for that matter, all I have to do is go to wikipedia. It is convienant and has a ton of information.

6. The Cutest Blog on the Block : I like this website alot! It has free background and templates for twitter, wordpress, and blogspot. It also has banners and blinkies. Its fun and has a nice layout. You can also find tutorials for blogging. I learned how to add three columns to my blogs from this website and how to add a layered background (like on this website it has a blue background and then white on top of the blue) They also do custom designs.   I use one of their free blogger backgrounds on my website Cutesy for Less www.cutesyforless.com

7. Google : Google really needs no introduction. lol I use it to search for anything and everything that I am searching for. Business help, ideas, etc.. As millions of people have discovered, google is a very helpful search engine.

8. Amazon : I love shopping Amazon for books on running a business, craft ideas, blogging, etc.. You can find great prices and a variety of resources.

9. Home-Jewelry-Business-Success-Tips: This website has a wealth of information on how to be successful with your jewelry making business.  I encourage you to check it out! It is very informative!

10. Urban Dictionary : You have to be careful on this website because it does contain inappropriate language on some of the definations. I visit this website ever once in a while to keep up to date on teenage lingo and styles to kind of help with my jewelry making and promotion since I like to make a lot of jewelry that is appealing to children, teenagers, and college students.

What resources would you recommend?

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