. Mardi Robyn: My Stack of Books to Start Reading This Month Mardi Robyn: My Stack of Books to Start Reading This Month

Sunday, February 11, 2018

My Stack of Books to Start Reading This Month


I want to begin reading more often. I use to read everyday and at night time. I remember several times stirring a pot of food on the stove with one hand and reading a book in my other hand.
Most of my books are still packed up from moving during the Summer, but I have some unpacked. Today I decided to pick out a few to start reading one at a time. When I finish this stack I will make another stack to read.
Here are the books I chose to read first. I took pictures of the front of the books and the back of the books so you can read what they are about.


I am excited to read this book.


I bought this book not long after its release. I admire Sadie Robertson's love for Jesus. I look forward to reading this book.



This is another book I bought not long after its release. I also look forward to reading it. I read Mr. Phil Robertson's first book "Happy Happy Happy" from start to finish without stopping. It took me around six hours to read it. I started reading it at night and finished the book around daylight when I read it a few years ago.



Do you see a theme in books here? I like the Robertson family. I began reading this book but, became
busy and did not finish it. I look forward to beginning the book again and reading all of it.



Thanks to my good friend Mike for giving me this book. I actually think I read this one already, but I want to read it again if I have. I admit thanks to my friend I am a fan of Chesterton's writings.



I have been a fan of The Crabb Families music for several years. God has used their ministry to encourage and help me time and time again. This book is another thank you to my friend Mike for giving it to me years ago. The song "Through the Fire," that was written by Mr. Gerald Crabb has ministered to me and helped me time and time again including recently. I am going through some things and believe this is a book I need to read. I know when I received this book years ago I read half or almost all of it I do not remember, then I got busy with other things in life and so reading was put on the back of my priorities. I feel like I need to read it now and God will use it to minister to me. 

I have books on my Kindle I would like to read, and books on business that I want to read this month, but I will leave the title of those books for another blog post. 

What have you read lately?  What books are on your list to read next? 


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