. Mardi Robyn: New Website Coming Soon Mardi Robyn: New Website Coming Soon

Saturday, September 5, 2015

New Website Coming Soon

Look!! I am happy to announce that my new website for Mardi Robyn will be launched and officially opened this month! Woohoo! I am excited. I have spent a lot of hours working on this website.
The website will be a shopping site, and it will host all of the jewelry and accessories I make, plus some manufactured items, pre-orders, and jewelry making and DIY supplies!  I am super excited, can you tell?
The website will offer secure payment options, including the option to checkout using PayPal as a member of PayPal or as a guest!
As of now I have over 1000 items uploaded to the website, and I have a lot more to add!
So how is y'alls day going so far?  Mine is great!  Check back soon for more blog posts, including the announcement for my websites opening!
Have a wonderful day!


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