. Mardi Robyn: Shopping Haul: Wal-Mart, Wet Seal, Goody's, CVS, Cato, and Shoe Show. Mardi Robyn: Shopping Haul: Wal-Mart, Wet Seal, Goody's, CVS, Cato, and Shoe Show.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Shopping Haul: Wal-Mart, Wet Seal, Goody's, CVS, Cato, and Shoe Show.

I enjoy watching shopping haul videos on YouTube, so instead of posting a video myself, I thought it would be fun to do a shopping haul blog post.  As with any posts, this isn't to brag, it's just fun seeing what people like to shop for, and who doesn't like knowing about good bargains right?

Over the past few days my Mama and I have some done some shopping. Saturday, Monday, and Today to be exact.  Saturday my Parents and I ate Mexican food and went shopping, we had fun. Monday Mama and I went to the Mall, and today we did some shopping at some of the stores in town.   So here we go....

Wal-Mart Haul

Baby Lips is one of my favorite brand of lipstick/chapstick whatever you want to call it! This one I got Saturday, "Pink Punch" first time using it, and I like it! It smells good and I like the pink tint.
"Flamed Out" is a new mascara by Cover Girl. I used it for the first time today and I like it. It made my lashes look longer and fuller, just like the packaging claimed it would.
I have used Neutrogena Makeup Remover towelettes for a long while. I like them. Right now Wal-Mart is selling twin packs for a little over the price of one pack. You save money buying them this way.
I have been on the look out for this shampoo by Herbal Essence ever since I found out that it was making a comeback. This shampoo smell wonderful, makes my hair feel good, and it brings back memories from growing up.  I use to use my sister Kim's shampoo when she would buy this kind.  There is a nostalgic feeling when using something you used when you were a child.
I know these tank tops are for men, but let me tell you, they are more comfortable than women's tank tops. I bought a pack of white ones a few months ago. I like wearing tank tops under sheer blouses, or clothing that requires layers, or looks better with layers. Don't worry, you will still look like a girl if you choose to purchase men's tank tops over women's!
This is my third pair of shorts like this.  The first pair I outgrew. The second pair I accidentally tore the zipper up on. They are comfortable, and modest at the same time.
Wet Seal Haul
I enjoy wearing lounge pants like these around the house. They are comfortable. My older pairs are worn out from wearing, so I sleep in them.  These pants are good for exercising, wearing for a quick trip into town, or laying around the house. I like the heart bling on these pants. The silver color sparkles.
Maxi Skirts was the main reason I wanted to go to Wet Seal in the Mall.  I have been wanting one, and Wet Seal has good prices on them. I tried on two, a blue one and this black one, and decided to go with the black one. It is comfortable!  When I got home yesterday evening I went online and saw they have a camo one, so I ordered it. I look forward to receiving it in the mail.  
Goody's Haul
This pair of dress pants were on sale for less then half the regular price. I have been wanting a pair of blue pants, but the ones I have tried on in the past didn't fit me the way I like them to. This pair did!

CVS Haul
I began using got2b smooth operator lustre lotion for a few years. I like how it makes my hair smell, and it helps tame hair frizzes!
Cato Haul

These shorts reminded me of a par of blue leopard print jeans I recently purchased online. I tried the shorts on and liked how they fit.  These are not as short as they appear in the picture. I am petite in height so the length goes almost to my knees.  Now for a suntan...
Shoe Show Haul
I finally found a pair of tennis shoes I like and they are comfortable. These were on sale for about $20 off the regular price.
Camo shoes!! This brand as on sale buy one get one half off so I chose this style and the style below!  I am trying to get away from wearing flip flops all the time, and slip on shoes seem to be the next best option!
Aren't these shoes cute?  I knew I wanted them as soon as I saw the bright colors and the leopard print! 
That is all for this haul post. What do you think?  Would you like to see more posts like this? Have you been shopping lately? Feel inspired to create your own haul post? If so I would love to see your shopping haul post, feel free to comment below with the link to your shopping haul!


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