. Mardi Robyn: Shopping Hall: Amazon, Limecrime, Factory Connection, Ulta and Wal-Mart. Mardi Robyn: Shopping Hall: Amazon, Limecrime, Factory Connection, Ulta and Wal-Mart.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Shopping Hall: Amazon, Limecrime, Factory Connection, Ulta and Wal-Mart.

I have been doing A LOT of shopping lately. Don't worry, I'm not a shopping addict. I go through phases where I find things I want and splurge.  So here is another Shopping Haul blog post. This is a collective haul. I am including some online purchases in this post.

Duck Dynasty is my favorite current show on television! I never thought I would like a "hunting" show, but I enjoy watching this one! When I heard about the book by Mr. Phil Robertson I knew I wanted to read it!  I look forward to reading it soon.
For months I have wanted to purchase some make-up brushes. A couple weeks ago I ordered this set of make-up brushes by Shany Cosmetics. I like them a lot! I do not know why I haven't ordered them sooner. They are soft and in my opinion my make-up looks better.
The brushes came in this cute red case.
Lime Crime
Last year I was introduced to Lime Crime make-up by watching video's on YouTube by beauty guru's.  Last week I finally purchased a lipstick I have wanted for a while! The lanyard was a free gift included in the package.

Blue lipstick!! The name of the lipstick is "No She Didn't."  I like it! True, it is not a lipstick that can be worn everywhere or often, but it is a fun make-up product to have!
My lips look like I ate one of those Robin Egg candies you can purchase by the bag at Easter time.
Factory Connection
I have a fascination with camo. I knew I wanted this shirt. I was glad that they had one shirt left in the size I needed, and it fit!!
This shirt is another one that I knew I wanted when I saw it and was glad that it fit when I tried it on. The shirt is made from sheer material so I will need to wear a tank top or another shirt underneath it, but that is no problem. I like it.  I think the shirt will go good with my lip earrings, and rings. (rings in the shape of lips, not actual rings for your lips.)  (P.S. that little white bottle in the picture is a perfume sample, not a cigarrette. I just realized it looks like one.)
I have been using got 2b hair products for a couple of years. I saw their Dry Shampoo online a while back but could not find it in stores around where I live, so I ordered it from Ulta. It works great, and smells good too!

Chocolate & Strawberry clay face mask by Freeman!  I tried this for the first time tonight. It smells amazing, like food, and makes my face feel wonderful, and smooth!  In the tube the clay looks milk chocolate in color, once I applied it to my face and neck it was a tan color, like make-up. I was hoping it looked dark chocolate, so I could walk around the house while it dried looking like I had smeared chocolate on my face..haha

Buttercream Cupcake Sugar Scrub by Ulta.  Oh my goodness!!! This stuff smells wonderful!!! I used it last night and it smells just as good on my skin as it does in the container. The scrub goes on nicely, was easy to exfoliate with and came off easily when rinsed.  My skin felt great afterwards. I look foward to using this again.  I plan on ordering another container soon, I want to make sure I keep this sugar scrub in stock!

EOS smooth sphere lip balm is my favorite lip balm.  My favorite is the green Mint lip balm.  I ordered this Limited Edition collection. The purple is Passion Fruit and the pink is Strawberry Sorbet. I don't really like the smell of the passion fruit.  I recommend trying EOS lip balm if you haven't already.  I use mine regularly and my lips stay smooth and soft.

These were free samples included in my package. Miss Dior spray, and Esta Lauder Pleasures spray. Plus the Juicy Couture La La car freshener. It smells wonderful!!!

This was my reason for placing an order at Ulta!   Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil. I saw a beauty guru talk about it in one of her YouTube videos and she mentioned that is smelled like chocolate. Of course that caught my attention because I love chocolate!  It is pricey at $30 so I debated for months on if it was worth purchasing. I have never spent that much money on one make-up product before. After reading more reviews and thinking about it, I decided to purchase it and I am very glad I did! It smells just like chocolate, it does not have an off chocolate smell like some products have. This smells like the real deal.   With this bronzer a little goes a long way, so there is no need to worry about using it up quickly. It should last a while.  I am glad I ordered it. It is now one of my new favorite make-up products! The packaging is cute too!

Look how cute! I wish you could smell it!  (My shirt is showing in the mirror, oops!)
My Mama pointed out a display of Duck Dynasty t-shirts at Wal-Mart yesterday. When I saw this one, I knew I wanted it. "Let me put this in Spansh for You....NO!!" It makes me laugh!
Shorts are one of my favorite wardrobe essentials this Spring and I can see it carrying over into Summer.  I went through a time where I didn't really like wearing shorts because I was insecure about my legs, but over the past couple of years I have gradually started wearing them more often. I do not like short shorts, I like for my shorts to be modest. These come right above my knees, and they are comfortable.
I bought another pair in a turquoise color. They look blue in the picture, but they are really more of a greenish blue color.
You may remember I purchased a pack of mens tank tops and showed them in my previous shopping haul post.  I gave them to my oldest nephew because they were to big. I bought the right size yesterday.
I bought a bath puff for exfoliating and of course it is blue!!
Have y'all seen all the pretty shades of nail polish this season? I like looking at all the different shades. I bought three by Sally Hansen. The blue is called "Blue-Away," the midde polish is called "Coral Reef," and the tan color is called "Quick Sand."  I am wearing "Coral Reef" on my fingernails and toenails now. It is a pretty color!
I will admit the pretty pink bottles with the rhinestones hearts is what caught my attention. I bought the hairspray last week, and the root lift yesterday. They smell good, and lift and hold great as well. These are new favorite hair products!
My Mama bought me a new purse!! She is so sweet! I am very blessed with amazing parents that I thank God for!
Have you been shopping lately? 






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