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Monday, February 4, 2013

Shop Changes

Good morning y'all!   I am super excited about the changes taking place with my shop.  I am working towards moving the majority of my handmade jewelry and accessories from my etsy shop to my brand new storefront on storenvy.  Friday night I changed the direction of my domain. Now when you type in www.MardiRobyn.com it will take you to my brand new shop instead of taking you to my etsy shop.

My etsy shop is still open with over 800 items listed for sale. www.MardiRobyn.etsy.com During the next few weeks, I will have frequent sales in my etsy shop. My goal is to sell as much of my items on etsy as possible while I am gradually moving to storenvy.

While my etsy shop is still open,  I will not be adding many new items to it. Everything new will now be located at www.MardiRobyn.com   

My plan is when items sell out in my etsy shop or expire, instead of renewing them on etsy I will add them to my new storefront.   I am not sure what I will do with my etsy shop.  I am considering keeping it open as a side shop once I make my storenvy shop the main shop.  A side shop meaning I will keep some of my jewelry and accessories listed in my etsy shop, but it will not be as many as there are now.

I like etsy. I enjoy interacting with people, selling my items on etsy, browsing, and buying items from the shops of other shop owners.  It has been a great start for me. I have been able to build a great customer base beyond what I imagined when I started my etsy shop in 2009.  My decision to gradually make storenvy my main shop was well thought out and discussed with my Parents as well as a few other people whom I trust.  We all agreed this was a wise move.  A new step in this adventure.  A chance to grow.

Another reason for this move has to do with etsy shop fees. They can add up quickly, whereas storenvy does not charge to list an item.  Storenvy is customizable and allows the shop owner to make their site look completely unique.  In time I hope to have my shop custom designed either by myself or someone else, but that will come when it is time.

I am excited about this, it is a step in expanding my business and making a name for myself.   One of my goals is when a customer buys an item from my shop they tell their friends "I bought this from Mardi Robyn," not "I bought this from etsy, or storenvy."  I want my name to be recognized.  After all isn't that what owning a business is about,  making a name for yourself?

I am excited to see how this goes! I know it will go well! I have God's approval!

In my etsy shop Earrings are 50% OFF and everything else is 30% OFF so be sure and check that out for some great deals!  Also I frequently post exclusive coupon codes on my facebook and twitter, if you become a follower and a fan you won't miss out on the exclusive coupon codes!

My storenvy shop has new items that my etsy shop does not have so be sure and check that out as well!  www.MardiRobyn.com

Mardi Robyn on Etsy:  www.MardiRobyn.etsy.com
Main Shop:  www.MardiRobyn.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MardiRobynDesigns
Twitter:    www.twitter.com/MardiRobyn

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