. Mardi Robyn: My Etsy Shop Was Closed Mardi Robyn: My Etsy Shop Was Closed

Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Etsy Shop Was Closed

This is long, but I wanted to explain to those of you who have supported my etsy shop and may wonder what happened to it.

Yesterday etsy closed my shop down without warning, their email did not give any explanation. In the past they have warned me against using terms like “Hello Kitty,“ or “Angry Birds” and each time I obeyed their rules and took the name off my site. I have made numerous sells in all but four USA States, and over 30 International countries. I have 100% customer satisfaction and the feedback to prove it. I am waiting on etsy to give an explanation.

Some weeks ago I begin working on a new storefront to make my brand more independent, but this was to be a gradual move. I wanted to keep my etsy shop going until I got the new storefront off it’s feet. I have that to work on, so Mardi Robyn isn’t erased from the web. Just means my plans of growing that storefront starts now.

 I spent hundreds of hours and dollars working on my etsy site. I opened it in 2009, but last year was the best year for it. After I wrecked I dove into working on it to help fight depression, and help me feel useful, like I could do something and be in control, while recovering from symptoms that made me feel out of control. It was a hobby, something familiar, and I held onto it. It was a refuge so to speak.

Yesterday when it was deleted I was mad, and sad. Today I say, Game on! I’m gonna let it be the fuel I need to improve. I may be baffled, and feel the air knocked out from the blow, but it didn't knock me down, nor did it knock God off His thrown. He isn't surprised. He knew it would happen. He has a solution long before I knew the problem. As a wise person told me last year, "use stumbling blocks as stepping stones." Time to step it up! (Phil 4:13, Rom 8:28)

I will blog more details on the new storefront and keep everyone updated.

New storefront:  www.MardiRobyn.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MardiRobynDesigns
Twitter:    www.twitter.com/MardiRobyn

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