. Mardi Robyn: Fall Sales Event Mardi Robyn: Fall Sales Event

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Sales Event

I am a few days late in posting this announcement, but I procrastinating editing over 600 jewelry pictures so I decided what better time to do this post!

The 24th started my Falls Sales event at www.MardiRobyn.com 

Save 30% on every item in my shop, jewelry, phone charms, hair accessories, and jewelry making supplies.  Includes all clearance items!

If you have a coupon code you may use it along with the 30% off sale!

Sale ends the 31st.

Would be a great time to stock up on Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers!

I will be adding new jewelry items to the Sale over the weekend!

Check it out!   www.MardiRobyn.com

Thank you!

God Bless,
  Mardi Robyn

((John 3:16,  Philippians 4:13))

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