. Mardi Robyn: Second Blog Post This Week Mardi Robyn: Second Blog Post This Week

Friday, September 7, 2012

Second Blog Post This Week

How about this! A second blog post in one week! I'm on a roll. Woohoo!  Ok, maybe not, but it is an improvement from the times I let weeks, even months slip by before typing up a blog post.

Wednesday I did a blog post about "Ch Ch Changes."  There are even more changes and additions! I am excited!

You can now checkout at www.MardiRobyn.com using direct checkout. Meaning instead of using paypal you can check out directly from my website using your debit or credit card.  Don't worry you can still use paypal, or checkout by sending a money order if you prefer not to use your debit or credit card. But if you do want that option, well, now you have it!  I'm excited!

Mardi Robyn is branching out! I know have a shop on the storefront website Storenvy. I opened it last night!  www.MardiRobyn.storenvy.com   Etsy will still be my main storefront. I will keep more in stock on my etsy shop.  Storenvy provides a way for me to sell duplicates (jewelry I have enough material to make more than one just a like) and it also gives me the opportunity to sell items that are not handmade.  Etsy as you probably already know allows you to sell handmade items, vintage, and supplies only.   Storenvy gives me a way to experiment and branch out.   Mardi Robyn will still be a store with more handmade items than anything else though!  I love making jewelry.   www.MardiRobyn.com has over 1000 handmade jewelry items and accessories that I created myself and will continue to be my preferred shop for listing a lot of items for sell.  However like I said storenvy gives me the chance to branch out and experiment a little.

I am excited that in the near future Etsy will be allowing shop owners to offer "gift cards" on their website. Stay tuned, I will definately be making these available on my website.

If you order from www.MardiRobyn.com you will find exclusive customer coupon codes on the back of the business cards you receive so please get the code before tossing them in the garbage!

Have a great weekend,
  God Bless,
    ~Mardi Robyn

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