. Mardi Robyn: New Feature: Fashion & Style Mardi Robyn: New Feature: Fashion & Style

Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Feature: Fashion & Style

Looking for cute fashions that won't rob your piggy bank or break your bank account? You've come to the right place!! Mardi Robyn will show you cute and unique fashions from around the world wide web from crafters who have an eye for style! So if you're looking for something cute, unique, funky, recycled, elegant or odd, browse around, you might just find what you've been looking for!

After all fashion and style doesn't have to be expensive!


Over the next few days I will be merging my blog "Cutesy for Less'' with Mardi Robyn to create one big blog.  I will be working to transfer past blog posts from Cutesy for Less and adding them here.  It will easier to maintain one fashion blog, and help promote Mardi Robyn at the same time.  I am excited at the changes and the possibilities!   Take a peak at what's to come!

Are you and independent crafter, stylist, or dabble in any kind of sewing and fashion? Are you looking for a way to advertise your projects?
Do you love to shop clearance? Find an item you want to show off? Email a picture along with details ex; what store you shopped at, the original price if possible, and the sales price you bought it for!
You might not always be able to find Fashion for Less items shown on this blog. Fashion for less finds are shared to give you an idea of the cool stuff you can find for sale and on clearance if you are willing to look for it! It might take some time, but it is fun and worth spending some extra time finding that cute item! Mardi Robyn will help you find cool fashions and to inspire you to be creative, use your imagination and have fun!

Shop at thrift stores? Show off your thrift store finds! Like to turn thrift store finds into unique treasures? Show it off! Let Mardi Robyn show your designs on the web! Admission is Free!

Girl's like fun stuff! This blog strives to bring you the coolest finds for your viewing and buying pleasure!

Take a look around, and remember cutesy doesn't have to be expensive!
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