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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Make-Up Review: Wet n Wild Cosmetics

(Originally posted on my former blog in June 2010)

I think it would be neat to start a make-up review every week, this weeks review, "Wet N Wild Cosemetics." This brand has been around for years! I remember my two older sisters wearing it when I was a child. I like some of their products, here are four I have bought and tried recently!

"Wet n Wild Natural Wear Lip Shimmer" in  Berry color is my favorite "Wet n Wild" product so far! I like the color, the shimmer and the fresh, cooling sensation it leaves on your lips, almost like mint!  I look forward to trying more colors in the "Natural Wear Lip Shimmer" collection!  

$1.99 at Walgreens

Unfortunately I don't remember the name of this shape of lipstick but it is from the "Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick" collection.  The color is pretty but it looks good when worn with a coat of ""Wet n Wild Natural Wear Lip Shimmer," in Berry color!

$0.99-$1.00 (depending on where you purchase it)

"Wet n Wild I-Shimmer Retractable Eye Pencil Sky Lights"   I bought this color eyeliner to wear with some teal eyeshadow and mascara I bought (different brands)  I haven't tried the look yet, but I look forward to doing so!  I like the foam smudger at one end of the eyeliner!

"Wet n Wild Color Icon in Brulee"  I like this color! It is a pretty color and fun to wear alone or with other colors!  

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