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Monday, July 16, 2012

My Fascination with Japanese Fashion

It is after 3am Monday morning and I am wide awake. Thank you insomnia!   While waiting for the sweet feeling of sleep to arrive I am watching "I Love Lucy," reruns and searching fashion trends online.  I like reading up on different styles to get ideas for my jewelry.  Since my wreck I have had plenty of time to spend online resting, while reading up on fashion styles that have interested me for a while but I haven't had the time to really study. 

When it comes to jewelry making I am inspired by a variety of influences..

Animal Print
Music ♫
Fishing Lure
Novelty Toys
Vintage Items 


The styles that I am currently engrossed in studying are Japanese fashion trends that I have been inspired by in the past, but since I have the time to study the styles more, they fascinate me.  I would love to visit Japan and see all the fashion styles and accessories, I believe that would be an awesome adventure!

The Japanese fashion trends I am reading about is Kawaii (means "Cute" in Japanese, and not to be confused with the Kawai Pianos..lol),  Lolita, and Fairy Kei.

I have known about Kawaii and some Lolita styles for months. I know more about the Kawaii fashion trend then I do the other two.   I was just introduced to "Fairy Kei" today while browsing jewelry on Etsy.

Tonight I came across a website www.lolitafashions.org  it breaks down the different styles of Lolita.  I am not a fan of all the Lolita styles though, some styles are gore, and gothic lolita, I don't like those.

The lolita styles that I do like consist of

Sweet Lolita: This style is very child-like. It exuberates fun and everything girly and innocent. Pastels, plaid (no neon), it is cute and precious. Flowers, bows, ruffles and lace.  It incorporates things that are sweet, strawberries, candy, cupcakes, cherries, cake, soft pinks, hearts, stars, polka-dots, things that children like!  This style is worn though by children and adults who like indulging in the different Japanese fashion trends.   

Shiro Lolita: Simply means "white lolita." Pretty self-explanatory. This style showcases just about any style of Lolita but in all white.  I just read about this style tonight and to me I find it pretty. There is a sweet innocent, like purity look to this Lolita style.

Sailor Lolita:  This style is pretty self-explanotory to. It has a sailor, nautical look. Stripes, anchors, blue, red, etc.. anything Sailor like!

Punk Lolita: This style of Lolita isn't my favorite, and I do not like every form of it, but there are bits and pieces of the punk lolita style that I like and that would be fun to incorporate in other lolita styles for a mix and match look.

Hime Lolita:  Means Princess Lolita. I just read about this tonight too. This trend is pretty self-explanotory as well, it is most things sweet and princess like, that represents royalty.

Country Lolita: Like sweet lolita is modest. It has a country feel to it, gingham, jumper skirts,  baskets, cherries, anything that looks, well "country."  Being a Southern girl myself,  I like this look!

Classic Lolita: This style has a Victorian, meets Country Lolita type feel. Think garden party, like Anne of Green Gables attire,  I like the sweet simplicity of Classic Lolita.

I mentioned I was introduced to "Fairy Kei" today. I am beginning to like this style. It is like a cross between sweet lolita, kawaii, and things whimsical and fairy like. 

To explain these styles a little more think, pastel, Samantha from the American Girl Series with her Victorian dress styles,  pinks, blues, plaid, ribbon, lace, carousals, teddy bears, strawberries, cherries, stars, hearts, lollipops, candy, cupcakes, ice cream cones, hair bows, etc.. 

Some colorful hair and costumes that Katy Perry & Niki Minaj wear while performing or in photoshoots for albums covers could be considered a version of Lolita and Kawaii styles.  Only with Niki Minaj her style is more a mixture of urban, neon, kawaii and lolita, atleast that's my description of it, and I like it!

I'm not that good in explaining these styles since I am still learning about them, but this blog post is my feeble attempt at it, atleast it helps me get the different styles in my mind. lol

If you want to take a look at some of these Japanese fashion trends to get an idea of what I am blogging about, I have a board on my Pinterest dedicated to Japanese Fashion, where I am pinning different styles I like when I find them!  The direct link to my board is http://pinterest.com/mardirobyn/japanese-fashion/  Happy looking!

I'm also fascinated with Japanese Iwako Erasers and my recent discovery of Kawaii Teardrops! They are adorable, but that's another blog post!

Have a great week! 

~Mardi Robyn

P.S. I'm still not sleepy and it is after 4am!

"For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind."
 ~2 Timothy 1:7

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