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Monday, July 30, 2012

DIY Tutorials: Decorated iPhone Case

I love my iphone! I have had an iPhone since December 2011 and I cannot imagine ever going back to any other type phone. It seems like the iPhone does everything!

I had a teal otterbox that was falling apart from use, so one day I decided to paint it blue with acrylic paint however I should have used some sort of sealer on it to keep it from chipping, since I didn't it chipped and started coming off on my iPhone. Big no no!  So, I remembered that I still had two rubber silicone iPhone cases that I bought in a pack of three at Wal-Mart last year when I bought my first iPhone.   The pack was around $10 and had three cases, white, blue, and gray. I used the blue right away since it is my favorite color. When it wore out I bought the otter box I mentioned.  

Today I decided to do a simple diy decor for the white rubber iPhone case!  Take a look!

Music Note iPhone Case

I added sparkly music note stickers that I bought by a sheet in the scrapbook section of Wal-Mart several months ago.  Isn't it cute!

Blue Kawaii Teardrop

This little gal is called a Kawaii Teardrop.  Kawaii means Cute in Japanese.

Kawaii Teardrop

Blue Kawaii Teardrop Phone Charm

I turned this Kawaii Teardrop charm into a cellphone charm! (Charms like this will be available in my Shop www.MardiRobyn.com in the very near future along with other styles!)

DIY iPhone Case Tutorial

Not bad for a simple Diy iPhone case tutorial!

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