. Mardi Robyn: Promotional Give-Away!! Mardi Robyn: Promotional Give-Away!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Promotional Give-Away!!

I am excited to announce my first promotional Give-Away! Between November 24 and December 1 you can enter for a chance to win a pair of earrings valued at $6.50

Handmade Earrings
From ..::Mardi Robyn::..

Names will be written down and drawn old school style! For the fun of it I will write each name down on strips of paper put them in a hat or container, shake it up and randomly select a winner! It will keep it fun that way!

The Give-Away doesn't officially start until tomorrow, but if you would like to submit your name now feel free to do so, I will write it down tomorrow!

To keep it fun, first names only will be added to a list on Mardi Robyn as people enter the
give-away for a chance to win, if you would prefer your name not to be mentioned on the list please let me know when entering and I will add "Anonymous" instead of your name to the list!

I will close entry to the give-away Tuesday December 1, 2009!

A winner will be randomely selected and notified by email Wednesday December 2, 2009

Upon notification I will need you to reply with your address so I can ship your earrings!!

Sounds fun?! I think so! Imagine wearing those earrings with a great dress, or dress up a casual outfit! The earrings also dangle for a bonus feature!

That's not all though! Each person who enters the Give-Away will receive a one-time-use coupon worth 10% off of purchase of any value from Mardi Robyn as my way of saying Thank You!!

Enter now for a chance to win! To enter email me at Mardi@MardiRobyn.com or leave a comment!!

Please tell your friends about it too so they can enter a chance to win! Feel free to use the banner code below! Simply copy the code and paste it onto your website and or blog!

Handmade Earrings
From ..::Mardi Robyn::..

(Need help with the code? No problem!
Highlight html code Ctrl +A to Copy Ctrl + C press Ctrl + P to paste!)

Thanks for entering!!!


  1. Hi Mardi,

    Please enter me in your contest. Thanks so much!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Thanks Mrs. Lisa! You're entered!

    You have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

  3. Oh please enter me in your contest, These would be the perfect Christmas gift for my mom. I'm gonna pray I win, we can always use the extra help at christmas!!! And your jewlrey is beautiful!!

  4. flamenureyez777 thanks for entering!

  5. Please enter me in your contest! Thanks,


  6. I'd love to enter!! What a great site...

  7. Miss Toria, thank you for entering!!


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